What makes you a webinerd?

We want to know... what actually makes YOU a webinerd? Do you geek out on the data after an event? Do you pride yourself on running a flawless experience?

Share with the community! Below is some fantastic inspo from fellow webinerds.

What makes me a #webinerd? I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make our webinars better: better content, more engagement, a better platform (thanks that that, @ON24!), better skills... I've developed a Presentation Skills Resource Library and Training Curriculum for our company, and I will be presenting it to our team later this month. And I'll present it while wearing my ON24 Webinerd sweater!

Well, my friends already think I'm a nerd since I like sci-fi and other nerdy things, so it makes sense that I should also be referred to as a webinerd. I recently took on a new role in my organization as online technical producer, so now I'm producing/moderating our big webinars every month-some with attendance in excess of 4k. I'll admit it's a little daunting, but I have two under my belt now and my confidence is growing.

Additonally, I really appreciate all of the resources that ON24 provides, as it's definitely helping me hone my skills.

I'm a #webinerd because I completely geek out when I talk about webinars! I also love the webinerd community, we are a group of awesome!

I'm THE #webinerd at my company! Every time I host a webinar I call it webinar day and while I love ALL parts of putting together webinars, it's like a present to download all of the reports at the end and put together some initial analysis of our attendees and the success of the webinar!

I'm a #webinerd because in the few years that I've been at ServiceNow, I have grown the webinar program from about 45 webinars a year (ran in Webex) to about 135 webinars a year that utilize video, interactive polling, resources, and the integration between ON24 and our Marketing Automation and CRM. We can feed leads to our inside sales team and drive marketing influenced pipeline directly from our webinar program......seamlessly.

I absolutely love to see the results from amazing customer engagement during a rockin webinar!

the team works very hard to produce great webinar experiences and it’s great to see terrific results

Hey @ON24 being a #webinerd helped in driving more webinars and improving by 10% yoy the members in the IBM Virtual Client Center arena.

I love checking and seeing great registration numbers on our first email blast. Whenver that happens you know you've got the right topic and are aligning your content really well with your audience.

I’m a #webinerd because I actually listen and learn from our speakers! Content is different for almost every webinar and I’m always learning something new.

I’m a proud #webinerd because I enjoy constantly looking for ways to improve audience interaction and participation, and am fascinated by all the customization & tips that ON24 has to offer to my company!

#webinerd when at the end of each webinar I look for the tiny insights from data to define the next move.

I am a huge #webinerd and have been doing webinars for over 10 years! I am also a perfectionist so I obsess about all the little details when it comes to hosting a webinar. I check and triple check all the settings to make sure everything run smoothly. That can start to become a lot of work when your doing 200+ webinars a year but I LOVE it!

webinerd because we go in after every event to check our survey, see how we performed, follow up with individuals immediately if they had any feeback for how we can improve!

Ha!! im the same as you @desingerjeigh - cant sleep night before and I find my self pacing 15 minutes before a webinar to make sure people log in. As much as I preview and executed 000s of webinars I still get anxious and nervous.

I get very excited about all the ideas on improving our webinars and making them run just that much more smoothly and be that more engaging.

I’m a webinerd because I attended Webinar World and brought back strategies I legitimately plan to implement at my company. I also think webinars are one of the most powerful lead gen tools in the B2B space!

I think I’m a #webinerd because I really enjoy new challenges and coming up with creative ways to make content interesting and engaging. I have a background in corporate training and using a tool with so much flexibility and ways to engage audience “online” during live events is such a cool new challenge to work with. I also love watching other people’s webinars and chatting with them about their successes with their programs and could have brainstorming session on new creative ways to do things for days. In addition to the creative aspect of webinars, I love looking into registration and attendee numbers, seeing who attended, what they thought and how many webinars we are doing to cover people’s needs.

I’m a webinerd because I’m active here!! I enjoy learning and developing my webinar skills. I believe that I make an impact on how we develop future webinars based on those skills and continuing to improve and learning from others.